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Located in Orlando, Acupuncture Fit is an integrative approach to your health! We firmly believe that Integrative Medicine is the future of healthcare. The field of Integrative Medicine is on the rise. Over fifty-percent of the current healthcare market is focused on complementary and alternative medicine. As more is learned about the management of whole body healing, consumers are demanding the availability of complementary and alternative medicine within the medical mainstream. Acupuncture Fit is proud to offer that integration. Our belief is that Eastern and Western medicine work best together. We support and provide the marriage of four thousand years of Oriental medicine with modern science and technology. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to achieve optimal health and become fit for life!

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What’s an Alternative Medicine Diagnosis?

For those of you still unfamiliar with acupuncture, you may be surprised to learn the similarities between diagnosing and treating problems in Western medicine and alternative health medicine. Often, public opinion views acupuncture as lacking the type of statistical...

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Tea and Alternative Medicine

When I was becoming a physician, I completed my internship with a doctor of oriental medicine from China. One of the things I soon found out that by committing to spending 900 hours studying under a doctor of oriental medicine, I was going to end up spending a lot of...

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Cupping for Pain Relief

If you’ve had an injury and suffer from aches, you should know that cupping therapy is a technique used in Oriental Medicine to eliminate residual pain from internal injuries. Cupping treatment simply uses glass cups and heat to stimulate the areas of pain and release...

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